Regular Events

Reg Day Worship Service
For more than the past 30 years, Christians at MIT have held a campus wide Worship Service on each Registration Day. This is a great time of worship, in which we focus ourselves on God and dedicate our semesters to Him. These services include time of worship in song, prayer, and a short message, often from an MIT professor. 

UCO Praise Night! 
Held at the end of each semester, UCO Praise Nights are times when members of all different UCO fellowships come together to praise and worship our God. This generally includes musical worship lead by a multi-fellowship band and times of prayer for our school and our world, as well as our fellowship together as a united body of Christ. 

Veritas Forum @ MIT (2007-present)

In the spring of 2007 UCO hosted its first Veritas Forum! The topic was "Science, Faith and Technology" and speakers included Francis Collins, Prof. Ian Hutchinson, Prof. Rodney Brooks, and Prof. Rosalind Picard. Over 700 students attended these events over the course of four days!

The Veritas Forum won one of three 2007 Student Leader awards for Outstanding Event. While only four students were able to attend the ceremony, it was, by God's grace, the hard work of the entire planning committee, the MIT Christian community, and the Veritas Organization which made this event possible.

MIT Veritas Forum topics from past years:

  • 2008: "How Could a Good God Allow Suffering?" featuring Pastor and philosopher Tim Keller of Redeemer Church in New York
  • 2009: "More than Matter: Does it Matter?" discussing what it means to be human and how that affects the way we live. Three seperate nights featured questions such as “Sharper, Flatter, Does it Matter?” discussing the arts; “Matter, Antimatter, Doesitmatter?” focused around faith and physics; and "More than Mammals, Why do we Matter?" examined the implications on ethics of an atheistic and christian worldview.
  • 2010: on the subject of Freedom. First Steven Pinker and William Hurlbut discussed "Minding our Morals: Freedom and the Brain" discussing the relationship between free choice and science and the implications for morality. Next, Beatrice Fernando, author, advocate, and former slave discussed her experieinces and the impact her faith had on her in a talk titled "Freedom: In Body or in Spirit". 
  • 2011: "Life, the Universe, and MIT"
  • 2013: "Telling the Truth in the Business World" featuring John Brandon, Vice President at Apple; "The Language of God: A Believer Looks at the Human Genome"; "The Elegant Universe"; and "Will Technology Save the World?" bringing together two Christian and two Atheist MIT professors, Rosalind Picard, George Barbastathis, Jose Gomez-Marquez, and Susan S. Silbey in a conversation on technology, faith, and the future. 
  • 2014: "What Drives You? Two entrepreneurial academics discuss purpose, success, and navigating the jungle gym of life" featuring George Varghese and Hari Balakrishnan. 
  • 2015: "Does Science Point to Atheism? A Christian chemist and an agnostic physicist discuss God, miracles, and the evidence that shapes their perspectives" featuring Troy Van Voohris and Joseph Formaggio.
  • 2016: "What Makes Us Human? Are we purely natural beings, or do we have some kind of spiritual dimension?" featuring Kenneth Miller and Alex Byrne.
  • 2017: "Does Reality Need God?" featuring Alan Lightman and Joshua Swamidass.
  • 2018: "Drawing the Line" a conversation on the ethics of gene editing" featuring William Hurlbut and Rudolf Jaenisch.

Recordings of each talk are avaliable from the Veritas media website.

Upcoming Events

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