Church List

This is a compilation of churches in the greater Boston area which are currently attended by members of the groups associated with United Christian Organization. This guide is not meant to be an exhaustive listing of Boston area churches. Instead, we hope that this list can be of help to you as you look for a congregation that you can call home while you are here at MIT. Worship services take place on Sunday unless otherwise specified.

A listing in this guide does not constitute an endorsement by UCO. We encourage you to critically and prayerfully examine the doctrine, teachings, and practices of the churches you visit.

We have tried to keep this list as updated and accurate as possible. If you have any corrections for this page, or your church's information is missing, please send them to UCO webmaster (uco-www). You may send emails to anyone on this list by adding to the listed usernames, unless otherwise indicated.

Churches represented:



Church of the Cross
Pastor Mark Booker
874 Beacon Street (Ruggles Baptist)



Boston Harbor Community Church
Pastor Dave and Beth Wenrich 
9 Salutation St, Boston 



Antioch Baptist Church 

College Department
Pastor David Um
First United Presbyterian Church (1418 Cambridge St., Cambridge)
Worship service: 1:30PM 
Contact: Arthur Huang (arthuang)

International Student Ministry/ Young Adult/ Graduate Service
Pastor Joseph Han 
111 Mt Auburn St., Watertown
Worship service: 3:30PM 
Contact: Wenjie Lu (wenjie)

Cambridgeport Baptist Church 
Pastor Dan Szatkowski 
459 Putnam Avenue, Cambridge (intersection of Magazine and Putnam) 
Worship Service: 10:45AM 
Contact: Sunday Trevino Hobbs (sunday)

City on a Hill Church 
Pastor Bland Mason
64 Westbourne Terrace, Brookline (Michael Driscoll School)
Worship Services: 10AM 
Contact: Sam Elder (same)

Hope Fellowship Church 
Pastor Curtis Cook, Pastor Dane Helsing 
16 Beech St, Cambridge
Worship Service: 9AM & 11AM & 1PM 
Contact: Becky Thorburn (rrthorbu)



Park Street Church 
Dr. Gordon Hugenberger, Senior Minister 
Walter Kim, Associate Pastor 
1 Park Street, Boston (opposite Park Street T stop on Red line) 
(617) 523-3383, 
Worship Services: 8:30AM, 11AM (Traditional), 4PM (Contemporary) 
Contact: Gerald Pho (gpho)



Cambridge Community Fellowship Church (CCFC) 
234 Franklin St., Cambridge 
Pastor Larry Kim
(617) 420-2232 
Worship Service: 9AM & 1:30PM
Contact: Annie Getz (agetz) 

Cornerstone Church 
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, 41 Berkeley Street, Boston
Pastor Eugene Lee
Worship Service: 10:30AM
Contact: Eden Ford (edenford) 

Highrock Arlington
Dave Swaim
735 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476
Worship Service: 9:15AM, 11:00AM, 5:00PM and soulfood (free meal) following service.
Contact: Blake Chambers (

Highrock Brookline 
Josh Throneburg & Dan Lee
345 Harvard St, Brookline
Worship Service: 9:30AM and 11:30AM and soulfood (free meal) at 10:45AM 

Highrock Harvard
Dave Swaim
10 Phillips Place, Cambridge, MA 02138
Worship Service: 5:00PM and soulfood (free meal) after service 
Contact: Ronny Huang (we21748)



Westgate Church 
Pastor Brandon Levering, Asst. Pastor Bruce Daggett
100 Winter Street, Weston
Worship Service: 10:30AM 
Sunday School: 9:30AM 
Contact: Kelsey Karys (



Alethia Church Boston
Pastor Adam Mabry
820 Mass Ave, Cambridge
Worship Service: 9:25AM and 11AM; 5:30AM @ 204 Tremont Street, Boston 
Contact: Brian Yue (brianyue)



Abundant Life Church 
Pastor Larry and Virginia Ward 
47 Howard St, Cambridge 

Boston Chinese Evangelical Church (BCEC) 
Pastor Steven Chin (English), Pastor Daniel Chan (Chinese) and Pastor Enoch Liao (English)
249 Harrison Avenue, Boston (Chinatown) 
(617) 426-5711 

Worship Service: 9:15AM 
Sunday School: 11:15AM 
Contact: Frank Yaul (frank_y)

Worship Service: 11:00AM (Traditional); 11:15AM (Contemporary)
Sunday School: 9:30AM

Worship Service: 9:15AM
Sunday School: 11:00AM

Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston 
English Ministry: Pastor Chuck Lowe
College Ministry: Pastor David Eng 
Chinese Ministry: Pastor Caleb Chang
149 Old Spring Street, Lexington 
(617) 863-1755, 
Chinese webpage
English webpage

Worship Service: 11:15AM 
Sunday School: 9:30AM 

Worship Service: 9:30AM 
Sunday School: 11:30AM 

Intercollegiate Christian Fellowship: Fridays, 7:30PM 

Grace Chapel 
Bryan Wilkerson, Senior Pastor
59 Worthen Ave, Lexington 
Worship Service: 9:30am, 11:00am, and 5:00pm 

Mosaic Boston 
Pastor Jan Vezikov
1187 Beacon St. Brookline, MA 02446
Worship Service: 9:30am, 11:15am, and 5:00pm

Symphony Church 
Pastor Barry Kang
MATCH Public Charter School, 1001 Commonwealth Ave, Boston
Worship Service: 11AM 

Redemption City Boston

Pastor Juan Maclean
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, 41 Berkeley Street, Boston
Worship Service: 5PM

Reunion Church
Pastor Hank Wilson
Back Bay Hilton Hotel, 40 Dalton St, Boston
Worship Services: 9:45AM, 11:30AM

Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Greater Boston 
Pastors Steve Watson
170 Rindge Ave, Cambridge 
Worship Services: 9:30AM, 11:30AM
Contact: Adam Reynolds (adam1) 



Pentecostal Tabernacle
Bishop Brian C. Greene
77 Columbia St, Cambridge
(617) 661-0222 
Sunday Morning Service: 8:30AM & 11AM & 2PM
Contact: Chandler Douglas (cddougl) 

City on a Hill Center
Pastor Gbenga and Inky Olayiwole
575 Memorial Drive, Cambridge



Christ the King Church 
Pastors Rick Downs (English); Naama Mendes (Portuguese); Jeremy Mullen (College); 
99 Prospect St, Cambridge, MA 02139 (2 blocks from Central Sq T stop) 
Services: 10:30AM (English), 6:30pm (Portuguese) , (617) 354-8341

Citylife Presbyterian Church 
Pastor Stephen Um ( 
Radisson Hotel Boston (200 Stuart Street, Boston, MA 02116 
Worship service: 9:15 AM (Traditional), 11:15 AM, 2:00 PM 

First United Presbyterian Church of Cambridge 
418 Cambridge Street, Cambridge (Inman Square) 



Tech Catholic Community
Fr. Richard Clancy 
MIT Chapel: 50 Mass Ave, Cambridge 
Mass: Tuesdays and Fridays at 12PM, Sundays at 9:30AM, 1PM, 5PM 

St. Anthony Shrine
100 Arch St, Boston
Mass: Monday through Friday at 6AM, 7AM, 10AM, 11:45AM, 12:30PM, 1:15PM, 5:15PM, Saturdays at 8AM, 10AM, 12PM, Sundays at 6AM, 7AM, 8AM, 9AM, 10AM, 11AM, 12PM, 4PM, 5:30PM
Vigil: Saturdays at 4PM, 4:15PM, 5:30PM

St. Cecilia's Parish
Rev. John J. Unni
18 Belvidere St, Boston
Mass: Saturdays at 5PM, Sundays at 8AM, 9:30AM, 11:15AM, 6PM

Saint Clement Eucharistic Shrine
Fr. Tim Gallagher
1105 Boylston St, Boston
Mass: Monday through Friday at 7AM, 12:10PM, Saturdays at 11AM, Sundays at 11AM, 8PM

St. Francis Chapel
Fr. Dave Yankauskas
800 Boylston St, Boston (inside Prudential Center)
Mass: Monday through Friday at 8AM, 12:05PM, 12:35PM, 4:45PM, Saturdays at 9AM, 12PM, Sundays at 8AM, 9:15AM, 10:30AM, 11:45AM, 4PM, 5:30PM
Vigil: Saturdays at 4PM, 5:30PM

Saint Mary of the Annunciation Parish
Rev. Gabriel Troy
134 Norfolk St, Cambridge
Mass: Monday through Friday at 8AM, Sundays at 9:30AM
Vigil: Saturdays at 4PM

St. Paul Parish
29 Mount Auburn Street
Mass: Monday through Friday at 8AM, 12:10PM, Saturdays at 9AM, Sundays at 5PM



Boston Temple Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Pastor Kenroy Malcom
105 Jersey Street, Boston>

Cambridge Seventh-Day Adventist
Pastor James Yansen
62 Dexter St, Medford
Divine Service: 11AM, Saturdays